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28829 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
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Champion Packages

Complete Interior & Exterior $159
Additional $24 fee for SUV's

Complete Interior $109
Additional $24 fee for 3rd row,  add $10 for cargo area.

A la carte Menu

Professional high speed wheel and wax $129 plus $20 for SUV and $30 for dark color cars

Hand Wax $59
(Add $10.00 for small SUV’s and Mini Vans, $20.00 for oversized vehicles) Applied with an orbital polisher, Protects, cleans, shine for up to 3 months. Free Wash & tire shine.

Carpet Shampoo $59
(Add $10.00 for 3rd Row and additional $10.00 for Cargo Area)
Carpets and Mats (Front and Rear) Vacuumed, Scrubbed & steam cleaned. Free Wash & tire shine.

Interior Super Clean $59
(Add $10.00 for 3rd Row and additional $10.00 for Cargo Area)
Thorough cleaning of the interior dash, door panels, center console, vents, windows & extra vacuuming. Includes wash & tire shine.

Leather cream protectant $19
(Per row of seats) Protects leather, leaving it clean, soft & conditioned.

Seat Shampoo $20
(Per Row of seats)

Floor Mat Only Shampoo $8 (1Row), $12 (2 Rows) $15 (3 Rows)

Wheels hand cleaned $8.00

Deodorizing $59 The best way to rid your car of odors and mustiness is to treat it with an ozone generator

Dog Hair Removal $60

Cargo Area Cleaned $12

Headlight Restoration $49

Fabric Guard Treatment $99

Hand Wash $24

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